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Security system technology
December 08, 2021

Technology Advancements in Logan Home Security Systems

Home alarm systems have been available in Logan for decades, and hasn’t evolved until the past few years. Home security has always been a problem, but many times it seemed confusing. But now, we have wireless surveillance cameras, entry-point sensors, and locking systems that result in a security systems that are more intuitive to your family’s routine. Here are five technology advancements in Logan home security that enhance your safety and simplify your life.

Turn Your Alarm On From The Couch Through Spoken Instructions

You have the ability to manage your home’s alarm system with spoken words. Vocal directives offer hands-free interactions and let you avoid the trouble of engaging your system manually with an entered PIN when you need to activate it. Vocal functionality is a breeze to configure with compatible Amazon or Google devices. Or make things even easier and create a daily schedule through your home security app.

ADT Smart Lock Control Pad in a Sitting Room

Safeguard Your Residence With Smart Locking

Conventional keyed locks are more likely to be circumvented than smart locks. Through your cell phone app, you can customize a unique touchpad number that you can pass on to your immediate family and others you want to have access to your residence. You also may unlock them from your cell phone, which is nice in the event you are unloading children or bulky items or at any point when your hands are occupied while attempting to open your front door. Smart locks are one of many technology advancements in Logan home security that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Keep An Eye On Your Front Porch With Doorbell Cameras

Among the most sought-after technology advancements in Logan home security are doorbell security cameras. These doorbells will not only chime a person approaches, but you will also be able to view who is on your front porch. A number of video doorbells are motion sensitive and will notify you and start recording when it observes any type of action. If there's a person at your entrance that you are uncomfortable allowing into your home, you can utilize the built-in intercom functionality in lieu of speaking in person.

Give The Impression You’re Home with Smart Bulbs

It's common knowledge that a unlit home will often be a likely target for invasion. In addition to that fact, would anyone really prefer to enter a dark house when coming home at night? Smart bulbs give you the ability to activate the lighting in your home regardless of your location. You might install smart lights in various spaces of your residence, so it gives the appearance that your house is occupied. You also have the option to customize your devices to turn on whenever you want and have your smart home "wake up" as you get done with your shower each day or after you get home from the office.

Utilize Video Surveillance To Observe What's Taking Place At Your House

Did you decide to try a new babysitter and want to observe them in action? Are there young adults at home that you worry about when you're at work? Maybe you have pets with separation anxiety? When using video surveillance, you can tune into your interior from your phone whenever you like. Incorporate security cameras on the interior and exterior of your home to monitor and keep your property and loved ones secure.

Get All The Technology Advancements With Your Logan Home Security Plan From Secure24 Alarm Systems

Safeguarding your property and ensuring the safety of your loved ones is easier than at any point before through the use of modern technology advancements in Logan home security. Contact us today, and let our experts help you build the right security system for you. From smart wireless devices to precision service, we're here to provide you the protection you need. Place a call to (435) 393-6672 or complete the following form.